About Us

A Residential & Commercial Excavator Serving Oklahoma City, OK

An Experienced Excavator

Located in Oklahoma City and serving the entire state of Oklahoma and beyond, ShoeValDoc Construction is a full-service excavation and sitework company serving property developers and builders in a wide range of industries.

Whether we are excavating the earth for a new foundation or we’re performing subgrade preparation for a roadway, our team is highly motivated to deliver the highest quality excavation and sitework services. With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, our team provides many services in-house. Combined with our affordable equipment and truck rentals, we at ShoeValDoc Construction offer a great value to our clients.

A Partnership for Success

The excavators at ShoeValDoc Construction strive to provide our clients with professional-grade excavation services and impressive results.

Our residential & commercial excavator company relies on a fleet of innovative vehicles and equipment to unbury and install extensive utilities for both residential and commercial developments. As a result, you can depend on the quality of our tools and equipment to complete your project swiftly and safely. Our residential & commercial excavator company can also manage your construction or excavation project from start to finish so you can stay focused on your specialty while we put our expertise to work.