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Affordable Rental Construction Equipment in Moore, OK

Enhancing Your Project Capabilities

Are you looking for quality excavation expertise and affordable rental construction equipment for your next project?

Renting is an efficient way to get exactly what you need precisely when you need it. Fortunately, ShoeValDoc Construction has an extensive inventory of excavation and construction work tools, vehicles, and heavy-duty rental equipment. We carry a wide variety of makes and models to cover modern construction, demolition, sitework, and excavation applications. Whether you need a motor grader or a soil recycler mixer, we have what you need at ShoeValDoc Construction.

Top-of-the-Line Equipment

At ShoeValDoc Construction, our rigorous inspection and maintenance process keeps our rental equipment in excellent condition.

We also offer short and long-term rentals and purchasing options for both new and used equipment. We also provide operators for just about all of the equipment in our inventory. Equipment includes, but is not limited to, motor graders, scrapers, wheel loaders, multiple size excavators, multiple sized dozers, soil recycler mixers, sheep foot and smooth drum compactors, water trucks, water wagons, dump trucks, end dumps, belly dumps, spreader trucks, and more. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your project’s equipment needs.

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ShoeValDoc Construction, LLC provides a wide range of excavation and sitework services to property developers and builders. Contact us today for more information.

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