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Before construction can begin, the land needs to be properly prepared.

Land clearing projects usually involve the uprooting and removal of trees, shrubs, and other obstacles that will obstruct future construction efforts. At ShoeValDoc Construction, our team has decades of experience clearing land and lots across Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri. Our team combines practiced land clearing experience with heavy-duty equipment to swiftly and safely clear properties of every size. We’ve worked wide many terrain types, and we also incorporate industry-leading erosion control techniques in all of our land clearing work. If you are in the market for a leading land clearing company with a superior track record across Oklahoma and beyond, then look no further than ShoeValDoc Construction.

Swift and Thorough Land Grubbing

Land grubbing is another service we provide at ShoeValDoc Construction, which is commonly paired with land clearing services.

Whereas land clearing generally covers eliminating unwanted debris above ground, land grubbing refers to the more detailed process of locating, removing, and disposing of unwanted vegetative matter from underground. Stumps, roots, buried logs, and other underground debris can get in the way of future construction work, but the team at ShoeValDoc Construction handles even the toughest of land clearing and grubbing jobs with ease. Partner with ShoeValDoc Construction today for a complete range of on-site clearing services at highly competitive rates.

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