A Talented & Capable Contractor

ShoeValDoc Construction, LLC makes it easy for property developers and project managers to get all of their excavation efforts and related earthwork completed under a single roof. We offer many specialties to help you get your job done faster, safer, and better than the competition.

ShoeValDoc Construction, LLC

Your Go-To Excavation Expert

Located in Oklahoma City, OK and serving clients across the entire state and beyond, ShoeValDoc Construction, LLC is a professional excavation company offering a wide range of services. These include erosion control, land clearing and grubbing, site excavation and earthwork, soil stabilization, road construction, trucking, hauling, and construction equipment rental. We have completed projects of every size for many recognized commercial brands, and we take pride in delivering quality work in a timely and efficient manner.

ShoeValDoc Construction is a leader in excavation, earthworks, and other related construction applications. Our heavy-duty excavation equipment and construction vehicles are operated by skilled professionals, or we can provide them to you at highly affordable rental rates. We’re completely committed to site safety and we strive to deliver a consistent quality standard across every phase of your project when you work with ShoeValDoc Construction.